Top 10 Reasons for Raging Halitosis!

June 6th, 2012

Your stank bad breath may be the cause of many different factors and conditions. Perhaps you or a friend has breath so terrible it can sometimes peel the paint in the room? It’s very embarrassing and the producer of the bad breath in question has NO idea it stay stink – and no one wants to tell them becasue it’s so emotionally crushing… so they walk around clueless.

So, you may be reading this becasue either you or someone you know suffers from chronic Halitosis (medical term) and wants to know what is causing it and how to get rid of and prevent it, right? Ok, below are the top 10 reasons we get “bad breath”.

1. Bad hygiene:
If you do not brush your teeth everyday or even twice a day your breath is gonna stink no matter how pretty or handsome you think you are. Food gets stuck in between your teeth and rots – causing bacteria – which causes odor. The back of your tongue may also be a breeding ground for bacteria which can cause the eye tearing bad breath. Use a tongue scrapper daily – it’s cheap, just get one at your local drug store.

2. Multiple Bouts with Tonsillitis:
If you have ever had infected tonsils (Tonsillitis) then you know those things don’t look the same once healed. The swelling and tearing of the tissue during the infection causes deformation of the tonsil – which can cause food to get logged in them and stink up the joint. Some folks (like me) have had Tonsillitis multiple times and have never gotten them removed by a doctor.

3. Cryptic Tonsils:
This is the after effects of Tonsillitis, the tonsils are deformed from the infection process and created tonsil crypts or little caves which can be a breeding ground for small chunks of food, saliva, and puss. If they are not removed they can form little balls of hell that create a massive stink in your mouth.

4. Tonsil Stones – Tonsilloliths:
This is what forms in your tonsil crypts (which form after an infection). Tonsil stones are concentrated evil that form during the day inside your tonsils. When you look in the mirror and open your mouth wide you can see them in on the sides of your mouth in the back. And they STINK! A tonsil stone is made up of food and puss with saliva creating the barrier that gives it that cheese curd-like style. The longer they stay logged in your tonsil crypts the bigger they get!

* This is a great guideclick this linkon how to remove and prevent those nasty tonsil stones.

5. Foods High in Fat:
Foods that are high in fat tend not to get fully digested and can coat your mouth with all kinds of leftover enzymes – usually the ones that cause odor. Not always the case, but a definite contributing factor. Think about this next time you have a date or want to talk that that person you’ve been crushing on… Getting that fast food lunch would not be a good idea… unless you want to repulse them with your stinky breath.

6. Foods High in Salt:
Another factor in bad breath. Left over salt in the body can cause dehydration (amongst other things) which in turn can cause dry mouth and eventually offensive breath. Combine this with foods high in fat and it’s a double dose of Halitosis waiting to happen.

7. Foods High in Sugar:
Processed sugar (high fructose corn syrup) in foods like “junk food” can stick around your body for long periods of time creating all kinds of havoc – including bad breath. Why? For pretty much the same reasons as above with more punch! The fake sugar coats your entire mouth and teeth until they are flushed out with brushing your teeth and or gargling potent mouthwash.

8. Odorous Foods:
Foods that stink when sitting on your plate are going to stink inside you. Onions! Even though this a natural food and has some great qualities, it does not help bad breath. In fact, onions and peppers are probably the worst natural foods that cause temporary bad breath. Luckily, the potency these stinky foods have on your breath is only temporary for that day or the next morning (morning doo-doo breath) if you decide not to brush your teeth before going to bed.

9. Dehydration:
Thirsty mouths will cause bad breath. If your mouth is feeling dry then most likely your breath is raging without you even knowing it. Drinking water and/or natural fruit juice will usually fix the problem, that’s IF you do not have tonsil stones armed and ready to stink up your breath.

10. Acid Reflux Disease:
This gets overlooked a lot when diagnosing halitosis. Acid reflux (GERD) is when that hole that connects your esophagus to your stomach does not close shut. What this means is that all the contents churning in your gut can make it’s way out via your breathing resulting in the dreaded “puke breath”. A Doctor will perform an ‘upper GI’ to determine the severity of the GERD. You drink some nuclear white minty stuff and they x-ray your stomach.

11. BONUS – Rotten Teeth:
OMG! This is a no-brainer. People with rotten teeth are going to have bad breath regardless of any of the other factors. Anything rotting in your mouth on on your body is going to create odor, period. Other than looking very unsightly a mouth full of bad teeth can cause serious smelly breath, even one rotting tooth can do damage to your social life.

Bet you were wondering what those little white pebbles are in the back of your throat on the sides of your mouth are, yup – tosnilloliths! Look at these pictures of tonsil stones and compare them to what you see in the mirror.

Just one or a combination of the above reasons will make your breath smell so bad – people will be looking forward to your farts.  So I hope this little post opened your eyes as to “why” bad breath occurs and what may be causing it, so now you can find a solution.

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