Tonsil Stones Pictures

Tonsil Stones Pictures from around the web
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Ewww! GROSS. nassssty  ^Hit that Facebook “Like” button above if these grossed you out!

I uploaded these various pictures of tonsil stones to illustrate that you are not alone, bet you felt that way didn’t you?  These nasty little rotten cheese-like curds effect many people all over the globe.  If you have deep crypts within your tonsils then you can expect to have this sulfur infused pebbles of evil!

What makes these “tonsilloliths” so nasty is that hey STINK to holy high hell!  Which can give a person extremely bad breath aka halitosis.  Very embarrassing in any situation.  Why they stay stink?  …bacteria.

The human body is weird.  We have many things that create obnoxious odors and I’m not talking about the concentrated demon that comes out of your rear-end every morning.  Our armpits stink, genitals stink, feet stink, and breath can be very stank!

But… There many solutions to get rid of these horrible tonsil stones.  Keep up to date on the blog for such said techniques.  We do no advocate surgery here – too risky.  And quite frankly the doctors these days are hacks, not to mention the insurance headaches.

Plenty of natural ways to get rid of and prevent tonsil stones in your tonsil crypts on a daily basis.  Click here for more info on that.